At Lean Manufacturing Junction, we want to help you with your lean implementation. You’ll find practical information that will explain many aspects of lean manufacturing. Plus, useful “how-to” instructions that can help you get the ball rolling.

We also provide links to some great resources to help you progress further in your lean implementation.

Below are some starting points based on different levels of lean. Choose the link below that best matches your current situation. Or click on one of the tabs in the nav-bar for a direct line to an area that better suits your immediate needs.

Just Starting Out

If you’re just starting your lean implementation, check out the implementing lean link. It will walk you through a suggested order of implementation and provide links to individual pages for more detailed information.

Steadily Progressing

At this point you’re probably past the 5S and basic kanban stage. If so, levelized production will help with your kanban system. And focusing on standardized work will help with your quality. If you’re at a different point in your implementation, see the menu on the left to choose a more appropriate area.

Looking for information

There are plenty of areas to review if you are just looking for information. Here are a few of the more common pieces of information that LMJ visitors are looking for:

What is lean?

You’ve heard the term lean manufacturing, but you’re not really sure what it’s all about. If not, click here to start with the definition of lean. If you already have a basic understanding of lean and are looking for more in-depth information, then a review of the lean principles should be your first step.

What are the benefits of lean?

There are pros and cons to any system. Understanding the benefits of lean may help you with your decision on whether or not to implement. This page will go over both so you can make an informed decision on where to take your company.

Will lean work at my company?

Each company is unique. However the basic concepts can be applied in just about any environment. Your best bet would be to review the principles of lean in order to determine which areas are applicable to your specific needs.

And if you can’t find the particular information you are looking for on the website, there are some fantastic resources available at our Lean Materials store.

Momentum from Mundane Waste

That’s right. The waste you see every single day, the most mundane (a.k.a. commonplace) can become the momentum that will revive, kick-start, or just keep your Lean manufacturing program going. ...